How long does the Open Water Diver course take?

It really does depend on you. The advantage of using the e-learning is that you can do it at your own pace and easily fit it around everything else you have going on. If you have a free day to play with, you could get all your theory done in a day or you can break it down into bite-sized chunks over a few days or weeks. On average it will take you 8 hours of self study.

Typically, it takes 8-10 hours of pool time to learn and practice the required skills. Our pool sessions are organised on a regular basis so again there is an element of flexibility, but we tend to do courses on the first two Saturday afternoons or an intensive Sat/Sun course. If you can’t complete the sessions in one go with one group, you can come back and continue with the next course. If you need a personally tailored course to suit your schedule or would prefer a more individual experience, we can do that too, just call us to discuss options.

The open water dives are again flexible. You have a MINIMUM of four open water dives to complete and three dives can be done in one day however, we find two is more than enough for most students. Two should take 5 hours maximum from arriving at the dive site which allows for briefings and equipment preparation, dive one, debrief and surface interval. That is then repeated. So, using the different options we offer, it could be two whole days out at an inland dive site, a weekend away at the coast or two half days in Malta.

It is at our instructors discretion as to whether you are competent, safe and confident to be let loose on the diving world and we quite often require students to complete a couple of extra dives under our supervision before signing off.



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